Sunday, July 10, 2011

Save more for Tech4o Men's Accelerator Carbon Fitness - Watch (Carbon) Today


Best Price :$84.99
Offer Price : $46.99
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Tech4o Men's Accelerator Carbon Fitness - Watch (Carbon) Features

  • Functions without a belt clip or footpod
  • Easy to use menu with up and down scrolling indicators
  • Exceptionally reliable readings in every situation, regardless of conditions
  • Includes: Speed, distance calories, actual exercise time, Time/Date/Day, Black light display and pedometer with 7 day/10 week memory
  • Includes daily step counter schedule, Dual time zone, Daily alarm, Stopwatch and countdown timer

Tech4o Men's Accelerator Carbon Fitness - Watch (Carbon) Overviews

You like your day active, your workouts challenging, and your technology accurate and hassle free. Whether you're passionate about running, hiking, walking, or just staying fit, Accelerator watches give you what you need, and you don't sacrifice accuracy for simplicity or features-you get them all!

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